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The civil justice system serves all of us, helping make sure we treat each other fairly, and share risks fairly, in our social and business relationships.

People's Law School


To understand and appreciate our legal system, you must know how it works. The People's Law School provides an overview of the legal system and your rights and responsibilities in the system. Experienced, volunteer attorneys, legislators and judges from your community teach the classes. Legal procedures are explained and questions are answered during each class. Besides being taught in English, the program is also available in Spanish as the Latino Law School. The program is intended for members of the general public and generally is taught in local high schools, colleges, and churches.

If you are a member of an organization that might be interested in co-sponsoring a People's Law School with the Georgia Civil Justice Foundation, please let us know. We will assist you in creating a School designed specifically for your group.

Topics we've covered in recent People's Law Schools have included:

The People's Law School and the Georgia Civil Justice Foundation do not provide legal advice about particular problems. Variations in facts or circumstances can make a substantial difference when trying to solve a specific legal matter. The goal of the School is to give participants an overview of the legal system to allow them to make informed decisions about their rights and the legal system.

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The Georgia Civil Justice Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Georgia citizens about our civil justice system. Justice for all is a beautiful thing-this just wouldn't be America without it.